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Hi, welcome to Workep. If you are reading this, probably you’re wondering if it is worth it to try the free trial. The simple answer for that question is: yes, you should. By doing so, you’ll be unleashing the true power of Workep. Check these three reasons for you to give our free trial a chance:

  • You can cancel your subscription if you like.
  • You’ll get to know the Premium features of Workep.
  • You’ll have priority support.

1. You can cancel your subscription if you like

As the name indicates, the free trial is a free period of time that allows you to take a look (and test) all the features of the Growth plan. It’s mandatory to introduce a credit card but…

If you don’t want to continue with your plan, you can cancel your subscription before your free trial period ends. Go to Billing Information  and click on the Cancel subscription  button. 


You’ll receive 3 emails during your free trial period: one once you have started. Another one week before the free trial ends and another one 2 days prior the finish of the free trial. 

If you get charged and you had no intention to continue with the plan, you can always have your money back.

In summary: try it, it’s worth it, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to try one of the best Gantt charts of the industry (amongst other amazing features).

Try Premium now!

2. You’ll get to know the Premium features of Workep 


As many as 70 % of our users chose Workep Premium for one reason: the Gantt chart.

If you’re part of a team dealing with a complex project with many variables to measure, you should try the Gantt chart view.

Gantt provides the baseline necessary to monitor, schedule and control many variables at the same time.  Our Gantt is user-friendly (as no other Gantt in the industry!) and allows you to create dependencies with just one click.

This stunning Gantt chart comes with a feature that will make your jaw drop: a system that creates automatic reports in seconds and export them into a Google Spreadsheet. Is there a better way to measure your progress?


You can create dependencies in the easiest of ways, look!



That’s a tool you’ll find in each task. A button that will provide with the power to see how productive you and your team are.

Once you click in the time tracker, it will record the exact time you and your team-mates are taking to complete the due tasks. There’s no better way to know where to improve but precise data at hand.



Another of the exclusive features of Workep premium is the ability to assign roles. You’ll find 3 roles (viewer, member and admin) with different permissions.

Let everyone do what they need to do while you keep everything under control.

These are the details of the 3 roles available:

  • Viewer: the user that can only see and comment tasks
  • Member: edit and modify the tasks in the project
  • Admin: edit any part of the project, export, change the name and general settings


In addition to those features, you can create project templates in the premium version of Workep. What are those for?

A template, in simple terms, allows you to reuse the structure of a project. If you need to use the same sections, tasks or even files again in other projects, create a template and save some precious time.

You cannot just replicate the projects’ general structure but copy all the small details (such as tasks’ schedule, docs attached and members assigned) as well.


With such a powerful feature, you can save time & efforts.


Enterprise is our best plan. It gives an exceptional control over data security, it gives you increased automated features and access to an API that will allow users to connect with any third party application within their company.

Try Premium now!

3. You’ll have priority support

If you take the free trial, you’ll have priority support during the 15 days (and as long as you stay as a Premium plan member, off course). That means, our account executives will be there to take care of you, answer your doubts and help you in everything you need to get the most out of the platform.

Conclusion: Go for the free trial now! what are you waiting for?

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