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There are a lot of options out there for apps that you can use to help manage and run your business. It’s important to do your research to make the right choice about which apps to use as tools so you get off on the right foot, and we’re here to help! Without a doubt, G Suite has some of the most versatile and useful apps for businesses both small and large. From business email hosting to video conferencing, G Suite’s apps have got you covered. Read on to find out what G Suite for business is, how the apps can help your small business, and how you can make G Suite even more useful.

What is G Suite for Business?

G Suite for business is the paid version of G Suite, Google’s suite of smart apps, that offers many added benefits for your business. One of the biggest benefits of G Suite for business is it’s hosting service for your business email accounts through the Gmail app. Whether you need a business email account for your small business of just you or a few people, or you need business email hosting for 300+ people, G Suit for business has you covered.

In addition to Gmail, G suite for business offers an array of other tools that you can use for you business daily to be more productive. The Basic plan includes all of G Suites regular apps plus added features for business uses. In addition to secure chat for everyone in your company through Gmail, you will have Hangouts for video and voice conferencing, shared calendars in the Calendar app, shared documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Drive, plus 30GB of cloud storage. The Business plan (the premium version), gives you all of the aforementioned apps, plus additional features and unlimited cloud storage.

Benefits of the G Suite for Business Apps


Gmail is the world’s most popular email among individuals and businesses, with over a billion users worldwide. With G Suite for business, you and all of your employees can have personalized emails that use the name of your company ([email protected]) as the domain. This is a invaluable benefit for your small business to have custom emails on the world’s most powerful email hosting service.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the native calendar app in Google for business and is directly connected to Gmail. This makes it incredibly easy to schedule both internal and client calls and meetings, as well as keep you more organized overall. With G Suite for business, you can create multiple calendars, so you can share specific calendars among all employees or with specific team members. This makes it easy to stay connected and on the same page about schedules with the people you work closest with.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is G Suite for business video and conferencing call app. Use Hangouts for both internal meetings and external calls with clients. The best part is, anyone who has the link can join, so just email a meeting invite to clients or upload a link to meetings on your shared calendars to give everyone easy access.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store all of your documents, spreadsheets, and other files in one place on the cloud. Everything you store in Drive can be shared with other people who share your G Suite for business account, and even with people outside of your organization. If you go with the Basic plan, you get 30GB of storage on Drive, which is more than enough for most small businesses. If that’s not enough, you can easily upgrade your plan to receive unlimited storage!

Google Docs and Sheets

Google Docs and Sheets are G Suites answer to Microsoft Word and Excel. You can use the tools to easily create all kinds of documents and spreadsheets for your business needs right in Google Drive. Once you share the files with teammates, they can add comments or notes, make edits to content, or update spreadsheets with data. Using Docs and Sheets is one of the best ways to increase collaboration among your team members and increase productivity within your organization.

How Does Workep Work with G Suite for Business?

Workep is the project management platform that integrates 100% with G Suite for business, to make your life even easier. Since Workep was designed with Google’s material design principles, it feels just like any of the other apps on G Suite for business, so you’ll feel right at home. Let’s take a look at how Workep integrates with each of G Suite’s apps to help your business succeed even more.


Workep is directly connected to Gmail, so you’ll receive email notifications about new projects you’re invited to, tasks that have been assigned to you, updates on your tasks, and comments on tasks. This makes it easier to stay on top of your projects and communicate more with your team!


Google Calendar is the native calendar in Workep, so you can make instant updates both ways. In Workep, each project has its own calendar, and you can instantly sync due dates with Google Calendar to have them all in one place, or make changes in Google Calendar that reflect on the relevant calendar in Workep. Workep strives to help you with your time management and stop losing time making updates to multiple calendars!


One of the other nice features of Workep is that you can start Hangouts from right within the platform. Just click on the Hangouts logo at the top of the screen, search for team members, and get talking. There’s no need to open Hangouts in G Suite and send the links to everyone.

Drive, Docs, and Sheets

Workep is seamlessly integrated with Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. You can upload files from Drive to tasks, create documents from tasks to Drive, export project data to Sheets, and even export the Gantt chart to a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to easily attach relevant files to help tasks get done, as well as export vital project data to help you manage projects better and even write project management reports.

Using G Suite for Business Apps to Help Your Business

G Suite for business is a powerful tool that you can use to help manage your small business and be more productive. The Basic plan has all of the features of regular G Suite, plus added functionality for businesses, and should be enough for most small business use cases. G Suite for business becomes even more powerful when you integrate it with project management software like Workep. When you combine G Suite for business with Workep, the project management platform for G Suite, you’ll start seeing right away how much your productivity increases!

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