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We know it is a big decision to authorize Google to share your account info with any third-party app. Most of the apps in the market which are connected with Google are duplicating your Google’s account information in their servers, or saving your Google information itself. In some cases, it makes sense. It could be an email client IDE, and they need to provide offline access and high load speeds. Others just don’t need it because they only link your account for some simple task such as to log in, yet they are limited and they can’t automate other things and services around your Google account. 

However, your information is completely safe, because is not going anywhere other than inside Google servers. That’s the best part about Workep and our technology—we have the best of both worlds. Workep has a new layer which accesses your Google account in an encrypted way inside Google Cloud, so you can access everything in your Google account directly from Workep (including files, calendar events, emails, etc.) quickly, easily, and securely due to the fact that we don’t store your Google information.

Besides that, we are Google Partners, and we are the only project management tool which stores everything inside Google Cloud, whereas other project management tools use other servers. Lastly, we are aligned with the Privacy Shield Framework of the United States, which acts as our GDPR. You can find more information here: 

  1. Workep in the Google Partner Directory
  2. Workep Privacy Shield Status

We want to assure you that we do not store your Google data and we only use it to provide you with the best project management experience we can. Read on to find out how Workep connects with your Google account to integrate with G Suite (without storing any of your Google data), how we store and back up your project data, and how you can make your Google account even more secure.

Does Workep Store Any of Your Google Data?

No, it does not. When you sign in to Workep with your Google account, you will see a message that says Google will share your name, email address, and profile picture with Workep. However, it’s important to know that Workep does not save any of your Google data including your password, emails, or any files from your Google Drive. 

Why Do You Need to Sign in with Google?

By signing up for Workep with your Google account email address, you are just authorizing Google to share only your email info with us, in order to use Workep how it was designed to be used—fully integrated with G Suite. Here is a little bit more about how some of G Suite’s key apps integrate with Workep when you sign up with Google:

Google Drive & Team Drive

Workep integrates fully with both Google Drive and Team Drive so that you can easily access your files from right within your projects and tasks. When you create a new project, you can choose where to save files from that project. Workep will automatically create a folder for that project in your selected Drive, or you can choose an existing folder to save project info to.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

You can access files located anywhere in your Drive and attach them to any task in Workep, or create them from right within a task and save them to the project’s Drive location. All of your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are still only stored in your Drive, but are accessible from Workep.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the native calendar in Workep, so every project has its own calendar that syncs automatically with your Google Calendar. This means you don’t have to go through any extra setup process to make sure you have all your important dates and deadlines in one place.


You can send the contents of an email from Gmail to Workep and create a new task with an assignee and due date. You don’t need to waste time manually copying over the contents of an email to a task. We don’t store the emails, but you can access the contents of them from your tasks.

How Does Workep Store and Back up Your Project Data?

Workep stores all your project data (NOT your Google data) in the Google Cloud and complies with all of Google’s quality standards. All of the infrastructure is in the Google Cloud, so your project information is as safe as your data is with Google. The whole database is encrypted, and we perform incremental backups every hour to minimize the risk of any project data loss.

How Can You Make Your Google Account Even More Secure?

As we have mentioned, Workep does not store any of your Google data, but you should always make sure that your Google data is protected from outside threats. Here are a few things you can do to make your Google account and all of its data even more secure:

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