Why You Should Be a Web Project Manager

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So, you’re thinking about becoming a web project manager? Web project management is a popular career among project management professionals due to the exponentially growing technology sector. Web project managers can fulfill a variety of roles within different organizations related to creative web projects. Keep reading to find out what to expect as a web project manager and how to become one.

What Is a Web Project Manager?

Web project managers lead teams of professionals with technical and creative skills to complete Internet-based projects. A web project manager is responsible for managing the entire duration of a web project, from the planning stage to delivery of the completed web product. Web project managers.are responsible for establishing the scope of a project, designing web solutions, overseeing the technical execution web projects, writing project management reports to deliver to stakeholders, and delivering completed web products.

Examples of Web Project Manager Duties

  • Work with clients to develop web solutions that align with their vision.
  • Collaborate with organization leaders to create web solutions for future projects.
  • Identify technical requirements of projects.
  • Follow a project’s scope from the proposal stage, through the technical development phase, all the way to the delivery of the completed web solution.
  • Evaluate project progress and provide status reports to stakeholders.
  • Strive to meet project deadlines and budget targets as determined by the clients and the organization.
  • Lead teams of web professionals such as web developers, graphic designers, and writers.
  • Stay up-to-date on Internet industry and project management trends, developments, and advances, and disseminate this information to other team members.
  • Use project management software to centralize teams and track project progress.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Web Project Manager?

Web project manager responsibilities can vary from company to company, but there are some general skills that apply to all web project management roles. All web project managers should be Internet-savvy, with a good knowledge of the design and development of websites. As a web project manager, you will need to be very proficient in both written and verbal communication so that you can communicate effectively with all team members, clients, and stakeholders. You should also be able to efficiently manage multiple teams and tasks in order to meet deadlines and deliver web solutions on time. Web project managers also need to be problem solvers and analytical thinkers; in order to address problems that arise during the development of a web project and critically solve them. All of these skills are vital leadership skills for project managers to develop.

How to Become a Web Project Manager?

To become a web project manager, you will need to have a University degree in a related field, and/or a very strong knowledge of web design, web development, and other web-focused technical knowledge such as SEO. Other qualifications that can help you become a web project manager are a certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute, experience working directly with clients, experience managing creative projects, and knowledge of project management software.

In Conclusion

A career as a web project manager can be very rewarding if you are a results-oriented, creative, and analytical individual. As a web project manager, you could work either in-house to manage all of the web-based projects for a particular business, or work for an agency that delivers web solutions to a variety of clients and customers. If you still think you want to be a web project manager, then work on developing any skills listed here that you don’t have yet, get some further education or certifications, and start applying!

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