Why using G-Suite & Workep will increase your productivity

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Have you ever tried G-Suite? Because if you haven’t, you’re missing an amazing group of tools that will improve your productivity at an affordable price. G-Suite has become one of the most feature-rich solutions out there and it’s all cloud-based.

G-Suite is how Google Apps for Work used to be called. It was rebranded since last year and now it has become a powerful suite full of first and third parties solutions that are perfect both for small and big companies. G-Suite has professional and business plans that begin at 5 dollars per user per month.

With G-Suite you can, not only get the well-know utility platforms from Google, such as Google Docs (for documents), Google Spreadsheets (it’s like Excel but for free), Google Slides (like Powerpoint, but for free as well!) and Google Forms (to create forms that generate statistics and graphics automatically) but you also get access to a lot of third-party solutions with amazing capabilities. One of them, for instance, is Workep.

Workep, as other platforms created with G-Suite in mind, fits perfectly into the family’s spirit of the Mountain View-based company. It provides you with a project management platform with an amazingly beautiful and easy-to-use interface while it centralizes and automates the use of a variety of tools from G-Suite as part of a slick experience. So, for example, if you want to create a task associated with a Google Doc’s document, you can create it right there with a click, without the need of long procedures to get it done. The tool has a free version, but if you want to get the best out of the platform, Workep offers a Premium plan (only for 4,99 dollars per user per month).

Like Workep, there are other fairly outstanding third-party tools, like the ones we featured in one of our previous articles: 5 amazing apps made for Google that will help improve your productivity

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Is G-Suite for everyone?

Short answer: depends on the need of your business. G-Suite is perfect for a business that wants to keep it simple. Google Docs, for example, is a good tool to create documents, but it doesn’t have the same features that Microsoft Word has. It’s more like a simplified version of the Microsoft’s solution. The same logic applies to Google Spreadsheets vs Excel and Google Slides vs Powerpoint.

On the other hand, though being cloud-based does come with some perks, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind. Everything will be stored in the internet, so you will have access to the data whenever you want as long as you have a device with internet connection with you. Therefore, if you don’t have connectivity, you’ll have trouble accessing your data.

One major perk for using G-Suite is it’s ability to offer collaboration opportunities. To begin with, there’s no better way to create a document with your colleges. You can start writing one paragraph whilst your partner can be reviewing it and adding content at almost the same time. The synching is seamless.

Are you concerned about the safety of your data? Well, good news, the cloud is safer than a traditional in-place datacenter. Take into account that G-Suite provides security and administration tools that can remotely reset an Android device and block it from being used by someone else in case of theft or loss.

And, yeah, if those features are not appealing enough for you, you got to know that Google is improving its tools all the time. Did you know a new version of Google Hangouts was released for public use a week ago?

With Hangouts Chat -for businesses-, users are able to upload items from Drive, work together on Docs, Sheets, or Slides, and hold group video chats in Hangouts Meet. Those with admin credentials can also archive, export, and save Chat data using the integrated Vault application.

Google is also promising that Hangouts Chat will use the company’s AI to make workflows more efficient. Isn’t it amazing?

Learn more about Workep

All users will have access to a Team Training session with one of our account managers. The session will last about 30-45 minutes. You will be fully prepped on everything you need to know about how to use Workep + you will get tips on what types of project management methodologies work best within the platform. We will finish off with a 15 minute, Q&A to clear up any doubts your team may have.

To request a team training, please click on the “Book a Meeting” button to find the perfect date & time for your team to receive their training. 

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