Why Timetracking is a big deal for developing any project

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The benefits of time tracking can cover many directions and each person can find new ways to take advantage of it. We want to explain them in a way that leaves doors open for your imagination to come in and adapt it, to what you think will benefit you the most.


Just as information about your clients is important to shape your product and services for your market needs, time tracking is also important for a deep understanding about inner processes, to take better decisions on future projects costing estimations, lowering costs with the insights that it provides, processing payroll efficiently, among others.

If you have flat rates is very helpful to value work in process, also, for billing and invoicing automation. These are just a few examples, but if you focus on the power of depth knowledge of your project, for sure new ideas will come up thanks to the new perspective that time tracking provides.

Project your efficiency to your results.

Team Work

If time tracking is a powerful tool for an individual on a daily basis, now imagine extending this tool to more members of your team, it would create space for groundbreaking ideas and better-managed projects. Allowing this to happen, would give you the sum of well spent time, that even if it’s only a second by task, it can impact directly on your resources.

A better communication among groups and different areas, can shorten cycles by avoiding the waste of time that asking: “When X person will finish Z task?” brings. In Project Management, sometimes different activities are attached to each other, getting stuck throughout the process will be minimized.

Time tracking gives you the power of knowledge on whatever you put a tracker on, this wisdom can help you rely on simplicity, that many times is much needed, because you may be used to creating complex solutions to problems that could be solved by untying knots, not by rounding them.

This is a non-stop process, that can grow your effectiveness as long as you set your mind to, using your resources in the most productive way possible!

Bring awareness to your blind points

Everything that allows you to see what is not working or could be enhanced should always be welcome. Time tracking is the perfect tool for this because it gives you the chance of making the right questions to accommodate the way you’re developing the project

  • What I’m doing is worth all the time invested on it?
  • Could I be spending more effectively my time on another task?
  • Where is this task directed to?
  • What is the impact of the task I’m doing?

These are just a few of the question you need to make, but this time will be different because they stop being unanswerable questions, you now counts with a tool that provides the answers to when, why, where, how and who.

After you find those blind points in any area of your project, you’ll be able to take action on any issues that appear. Is it because of the budget, the lack of tools, the time schedules, the deadlines, etc? When you make the right question and get an answer, you are already on the right path, even if it leads you to ask for help outside your company.

With precise estimates, the rate of delivering projects as planned increase highly. With the proper information about how you are doing with your objectives and the path settled to the reach of goals, you can turn these insights into actions to start something new, re-prioritize or reassign work.

Respond not react

With insights about your issues, please don’t panic!

This is when you start responding instead of reacting, the difference between them is that responding is based on the reality of what you can or can’t do, and if you can’t solve something, probably there is someone providing a service that can help you fix it, and if not, well you have a new business idea to put a tracker on.Reacting is the way you unconsciously face any situation, without analyzing it first.

Respond with the power of knowledge that you now have, being strategic will help you a lot, with the answers that you got before you can accommodate, prioritize, eliminate, and adjust accordingly.

Use metrics that sustain your decisions and compare the evolution of your strategy, they will reassure why time tracking is worth doing, not only based on the success but on being proactive with the results you get.

With Workep, you can do all this on a single platform, and if you use G-Suite and their incredible features, is even better because both of them are fully integrated.

Build the Future

With discipline, each second you start using effectively, results will eventually come up and time is now your ally to reach any goal you set. Efficiency will knock on your door on a daily basis, and distractions are going to be responded instead of reacted.

Keeping scope creep under control is easier by monitoring time and budget. While tracking your time, remaining effort tends to automatically decrease, thus keeping your schedule accurate and updated.

Today you have the opportunity to work with one of the most important assets and base of project management in a friendlier way: Time. Starting with your personal time tracking and expanding it through your team as a catapult to success.

What are you waiting to shorten the distance between you and your goals?

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