Top 5 productivity tactics explained (for dummies!)

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“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before”

Franz Kafka

How to be able to do thing that you were never able to do before? How to manage your time in a better way so you can achieve the, one-time, impossible?

There are a number of tactics to help you to increase your productivity. We have chosen 5 of the best:

  • Start small. Have clear rules. Be Patience
  • Break down your project into chunks
  • Inbox Zero
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Use a time tracker

1. Start small. Have clear rules. Be Patience

If you want to be more productive, first you need to break your old habits and develop new ones. That’s not an easy task to tackle. So what’s the advice given by the experts? Start small. Don’t pretend to jump into the new habit right away. Make small and progressive commitments.

Define a clear rule that you have to follow if you want to adopt a new habit. It must be simple to accomplish. It must be clear if you haven’t.  Remember that embracing a new habit takes times. It will take you from 60 to 200 days to feel comfortable with something you were not used to do before.

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