How to use Agile method for faster software delivery!

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In a recent study, over 70 percent of the businesses polled claimed to use Agile approaches for their software building and deployment needs. For most business owners, getting an app or piece of software built and launched in a hurry is the main concern.

While Agile can definitely help you accomplish this goal, you will need to avoid skipping over the testing phase. Failing to adequately test your software or app before launch can cause a lot of problems.

Catching issues with your program and addressing them is easy when logging to Loggly from Node.js applications. With these logs, you can figure out where problems exist and what needs to be done to fix them.

Read below to find out more about how to use Agile for faster software delivery.

If You Don’t Have a Deployment Checklist, You Need one

Most business owners and new software developers fail to realize just how difficult it can be to properly deploy a new program. If you are trying to avoid issues during the software deployment process, providing your team with an adequate checklist is a must.

This checklist is designed to ensure you and your team complete vital tasks. One of the most commonly overlooked steps on software deployments if getting to know your KPIs. You will need to know your KPIs in order to see how well your new app or software is performing once it is launched.

The Right Deployment Tools are Essential

Having the right tools is also a key component in a fast and successful Agile software deployment. Every DevOps project is different, which means that the type of tools needed will be different. Ideally, you want to choose deployment tools that can work natively within the app or software infrastructure you are using. Trying to use tools that are not compatible with your infrastructure can cause issues with crashing and instability.

The open source platform known as Jenkins is one of the most popular forums on the DevOps market. This platform has tons of tools and plugins that can make software and app deployment much easier.

Continuous Delivery is Your Friend

Once the code to your program is written and your application is ready to go, you will need to use continuous delivery to package the code for deployment. With continuous delivery, you will be able to put your app into a pre-production environment. Once it is placed in this environment, it will be tested to ensure it will work properly once deployed.

The main goal you should have when using continuous delivery is to make sure your programs are ready to deploy. With this tool, you can speed up software deployment and make your programs more reliable and efficient. While learning how to use both continuous delivery and continuous integration during your DevOps projects will take time, it is well worth the effort you invest.

With the use of the right team and the best tools, you should have no problem building programs and launching them. When used in the correct manner, Agile is the best way to launch your program quickly.

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