How to Know If You Should Pay for Project Management Software

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If you’re considering paying for project management software, it’s important to think about the struggles you face daily as a project manager to understand how project management software can help you. No matter how big your organization is, or how complex your projects are, project management software will help you be a more efficient project manager.

Signs That You Should Buy Project Management Software

Your Teams Are Unorganized and Disconnected

If you manage large numbers of individuals across multiple teams, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone connected and organized. For a project to be successful, you need your teams to be connected and collaborating to complete tasks on time and meet deadlines. Project management software will centralize all your teams in one place and make communication and collaboration easy. As a project manager, all your teams will be a click away, so you can track their progress, manage resources more effectively, and be a better leader.

You Have Difficulty Delegating Tasks

With project management software, you can easily assign clear project roles and tasks. This not only makes it clear to individuals what their specific roles and responsibilities are, but allows everyone on your teams to see the tasks of others. This allows individuals to see where their tasks fit in the bigger picture, and how they affect the tasks of others. With project management software, you can select a project methodology such as a Gantt chart, a Kanban board, or a to-do list to assign tasks with a click of your mouse. You can also easily change who a task is assigned to and send instant notifications to update team members.

It’s Hard to Keep Everyone Informed

If you have difficulty keeping both team members and project stakeholders up-to-date on project progress, then project management software will definitely make your life easier. Since your teams are all centralized in one place, everyone will be able to track task and project progress at a glance. You can also easily pull information about a project’s progress from the software to write project management reports and update stakeholders.

Projects Consistently Miss Deadlines

When your teams are disconnected, you have difficulty delegating tasks, and it’s hard to keep everyone informed, it’s easy to get off track from project timelines. By solving these problems with project management software, you’ll be able to keep your projects on schedule and meet deadlines more consistently. Project management software allows you to track time and redistribute resources as necessary to get things done more quickly and efficiently.

How Can Workep Help Me?

So, you’re ready to take the leap and pay for project management software. Here’s how paying for Workep, the project management platform for G Suite, can help you get more projects done on time:

  • Allows you to manage multiple teams in a centralized location.
  • Lets you create unlimited projects, tasks, and files.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all of G Suite.
  • Gives you the ability to assign multiple team and project roles.
  • Makes communication among team members and across teams easy.
  • You can choose between Gantt chart, Kanban board, and to-do list project views.
  • Tracks time.
  • Has 3 plans available to best meet your needs: Lite, Growth, and Enterprise.
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