Free Gmail vs. G Suite for Business: What Are the Advantages?

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When you are trying to decide between a free Gmail account or a G Suite for business email account, it’s important to understand what the differences and advantages are. In short, a free Gmail account is just fine for personal email uses, such as communicating with friends and family, but if you are serious about running a business, then the advantages of a G Suite email for business accounts are indispensable.

Free Gmail Is for Individuals

Most individuals will be just fine using a free Gmail address for their personal email needs, but what about when it comes to doing business? Do you really want an email address that has “” at the end of it?

When you’re running a business, image is very important. You definitely want to have a custom, professional-looking email address, and that’s just the first way a G Suite for business account is better for your business than a free Gmail account!

How Is a Paid G Suite Email for Business Different from Free Gmail?

As we mentioned above, the first benefit of a G Suite for business email is that it is set up for enterprise use, so you can create a custom email domain for you and all of your employees to use that will be “”. This is super important to strengthen your brand and professional image.

Another benefit of your G Suite for business account is that you, the business owner and admin, will have full control over all the email addresses associated with your company. In other words, if someone no longer works at your company, you have the power to remove access to email addresses.

There are even more useful features of G Suite email for enterprise accounts. For example, you can create multiple email aliases for one individual that all go to their inbox, or even create a group email alias that routes emails sent to that alias to multiple inboxes.

G Suite for business email accounts also come with additional storage space (30 GB for the basic plan) that applies to all email inboxes as well as all files stored in your company’s Google Drive. You also have full control over all files stored in your company’s Drive, and can control access privileges for all employees.

G Suite email accounts for enterprises also come with access to 24/7 customer support, a feature that is especially important when you are running a business in case something goes wrong with your email or files. Finally, a G Suite for business email account also allows easy one-click sign-in to other cloud-based business apps.

Benefits of G Suite Email for Business at a Glance

  • Custom email domain for all employees
  • Full admin control over all company email accounts
  • Multiple email aliases
  • Group email aliases
  • Additional storage space
  • Full admin control over company’s Google Drive
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One-click sign-in to other cloud-based apps

Should You Be Using G Suite for Business Email?

If you are running a business, then the answer is yes! There are so many benefits of using a G Suite email enterprise account that you simply won’t receive with a free Gmail account. When you want to have a professional image, full admin control over your company’s emails, and all the other benefits of Google’s cloud apps, there is no better choice for your enterprise than G Suite for business.


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