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Whether or not you’re a dedicated project manager, all businesses can benefit from using project management software and task management software to manage their numerous projects, tasks, teams, and other resources like time and budget. Project management software provides many valuable benefits that allow you and your team to excel when it comes to managing your time and successfully completing all phases of your projects.

Key Benefits of Project Management Software and Task Management Software

1. Easier Internal and External Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of using task management software is the ability to seamlessly collaborate across your organization as well as with external collaborators such as clients, vendors, and stakeholders. Teammates are able to see where their tasks fit into the bigger picture of the project and what everyone else is working on, while external collaborators can see the project’s progress and even edit or comment on individual tasks as needed.

Using a centralized project management software, such as Workep, cuts down on the need for update meetings with both members of your organization and external collaborators, which leaves more time for getting your tasks done. With easy one-click external collaboration, you can share your projects and tasks with anyone, anywhere.

2. Better Communication

Communication goes hand-in-hand with collaboration, and task management software centralizes all your communication in one place. Easily comment on tasks and projects to communicate quickly with teammates and clients without the need for long email chains.

The best project management software, like Workep, even integrates with Slack to provide project updates right to selected Slack channels, so everyone stays up-to-date one what’s relevant to them. Not only that, but you can leave voice notes on tasks to get messages across in a more human way—for when text just isn’t enough.

3. Efficient Budget Management

Good project management and task management tools also allow you to monitor your budget from within the platform, without needing to manually log expenses in spreadsheets or use other apps with different UIs and UXs.

For instance, in Workep you can use the in-app budget tracker to log expenses right within tasks, attach invoices, and even integrate it with the time tracker. By assigning each teammate an hourly value, you can add up the spend in real time whenever someone works on a task.

4. Easy Time Tracking

For many teams, tracking time spent on tasks is required to monitor productivity. This is why having an in-app time tracker is an essential feature of the best project management software. When time tracking is built-in to the task management software, the team is much more likely to adopt it because they don’t have to download any additional apps. 

In Workep, the time tracker is an in-app feature that you can use to track time from within tasks, or by dragging and dropping tasks into the time tracker panel to plan out your day. Workep even adds wellness breaks to incentivize use of the time tracker for everyone on the team.

5. Centralized Document Sharing

Document and file sharing is crucial to collaboration and communication. When you use project management software that allows you to centralize your file sharing, it’s much easier to find exactly what you need to work on each task and project.

G Suite for business is one of the best solutions for document and file sharing, which is why Workep was designed to integrate 100% with all of the G Suite apps to bring it all together in one project management platform. The UI of Workep is just like using Google’s, so it feels like the missing half of G Suite that you’ve needed to manage your projects all along.

6. Delegate Tasks More Efficiently

Delegation is one of the top skills for project managers to have, and using task management software to delegate tasks makes it that much easier. It not only gives you the ability to assign tasks to team members quickly, but also allows you to monitor their progress and reassign resources as needed to get the work done faster.

Tasks in Workep are like a Google Doc, but for everything. You can assign them to team members with start and end dates, descriptions, subtasks, tags, files, and more. That way, the person you delegate a task to has all the information they need right in front of them, and everything is completely transparent.

7. Facilitates Remote Working

Teams are increasingly becoming more flexible when it comes to remote working, and task management software makes remote working so much simpler because of all the other benefits mentioned above. For teams that work remotely, collaboration, communication, file sharing, budget tracking, time tracking, and delegation are indispensable abilities that project management software like Workep provides.

8. Happier Clients

When you receive all the aforementioned benefits of the best project management software, your chances of getting projects done on time, under budget, and meeting all of the clients expectations are much higher. Your client relationships will prosper, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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