10 ways the cloud is impacting on your productivity

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Cloud computing leads to several financial benefits by bringing a noticeable reduction in the hardware use. Moreover, it also helps reduce IT maintenance costs. The cloud has redefined the way businesses operate today. As it plays a substantial role in boosting productivity and efficiency in them.

Cloud adoption has become a proven method to boost productivity. Digitalization has seeped into every aspect of our lives including businesses. Digital methods, such as cloud computing have transformed the way things were getting done previously. According to a recent survey, 79% of the people using cloud computing reported to have saved money, increased productivity and earned improved security from the implementation cloud in their companies.

Top 10 Ways to Increase Productivity Using the Cloud

Cloud computing has impacted on businesses and large companies massively. Listed below are the top 10 ways business productivity increases with using the cloud:

1. Boost Data Security with Easy Data Recovery:

When data and information is kept at local level, issues like information leaks, data theft and lose of laptops and storage devices arise. Lately, massive data breaches have surfaced and have cost several companies around the world a lot of money on data retrieval.

When your company’s data and information records are in the cloud, it is easier to retrieve it without spending a lot of money or time. Small businesses cannot afford the expensive means of recovery systems, and switching to cloud safeguards the data due to the effective cloud-based storage solutions.

2. Timely Upgrades:

Companies no longer have to fret regarding the countless firmware and software updates. Cloud services happen to be off-premise. So, you no longer have to rely on the workforce to take care of that. Cloud service providers take care of all the needed software updates. This way, companies save a lot of resources and time needed for the maintenance of servers.

3. Efficient Remote Operations:

Another plus point of adopting cloud computing in business is the remote access. Employees of the organization can access any required data or information and carry on working remotely. All they need is an internet connection. The majority of cloud computing services available today also offer mobile apps that can be readily used to access data from smartphones anywhere at anytime.

4. Higher Collaboration:

Forbes survey revealed that 64% of the respondents report that cloud-based collaboration tools assisted their teams to execute tasks better and faster. With businesses operating globally, the need for efficient collaboration (whether employees are at work or in a remote location) is extremely important. Cloud offers an assortment of tools that enable easy working.

With cloud and cloud-based apps, there is better connectivity and collaboration among the work forces working in different parts of the world. All employees can access the same information and data anywhere, anytime. This results in improved collaboration among the team members which leads to improved performance.

5. Access to State-of-the-Art Tools:

Smaller companies can access some of the latest tools and technologies, which were only for large companies, with the help of cloud computing. Smaller business can now act fast and efficiently and give tough competition to the big sharks of their industry.

6. Fewer Costs:

Purchasing equipment and maintaining them locally is not an easy feat. Not to mention expensive as well. There is hardware that requires an update on a regular basis and staff help is needed as well to ensure smooth operation. Utilizing cloud tools can greatly help in cutting down those costs.

The convenience of setting up and managing a cloud infrastructure makes it a business-friendly and affordable option. Businesses can use the pay-as-you-go or even the subscription models to lessen the infrastructural and operational costs of the business.

7. Better Flexibility:

Organizations are evolving and changing with time and flexibility has become an integral component to maintain productivity. Organizations benefit a great deal with the ability to easily adopt and deploy the services as the need arises. Cloud computing allows efficiency and flexibility of monitoring the workloads.

8. Scalability:

Another way cloud computing boosts productivity is via the efficient use of resources. The cloud is scalable; this is particularly important for projects that have fluctuations in the businesses, development cycles or quickly growing. When a company is growing at a speedy rate, it is better to scale-up their services with help of cloud platform.

Whether you need more resources or fewer, using cloud can almost instantly come to your aid and adapt to your needs. This, unlike the infrastructure on the premises that can take days, weeks and sometimes, even months. Purchasing and setup of the latter can also disrupt the workflow.

Cloud computing allows operational agility which is one of the biggest benefits business owners can enjoy. Companies can both increase or decrease cloud services according to their demand without interrupting or affecting performance.

9. Reliable and Affordable Technology:

Smart companies around the globe let the cloud do all the heavy lifting for them. It involves all the computing and analysis. The user is not the only one who maintains the hardware but the parent company as well in order to make it reliable and up-to-date. These products are affordable and ensure that they offer advantages to the users. Companies can access well-maintained technology if they rent space in the cloud.

Normally, the total bill is calculated on the amount used in a certain time period along with a minimal fee.

10. Less Carbon Footprint:

When a company opts for cloud computing whether to scale-up or scale down the capacity, the only thing that changes is the server capacity. And a certain amount of energy is used for the process. This lessens the chances of leaving large carbon footprints.

Combined together, all of the aforementioned plus points can make any business jump to success. So, when are you switching to the cloud?

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