EUSA University is a university in Seville, in the South of Spain. Every year, they put on a full-day, hands-on event called Training Day, in which students participate in different workshops and competitions. We are happy to say that, this year, Workep had the chance to be one of the sponsors of the event, right alongside Google for Education. We are always very excited to be able to support educational institutions and projects!

Workep was also an integral tool in the organization of one of the big competitions during the event: #MisiónCognitio, in which 250 people participated this year. Luckily, we got the chance to sit down with Javier Prada, one of the key organizers of the event and a G-Suite for Education certified trainer, to find out more about how Workep played a role in bringing the event to life.

How many people use Workep within the University?

For the organization of the #MisiónCognitio event on April 29, about 28 students and 15 teachers have been using Workep at full capacity.

How many departments use it? Which ones?

Currently, in addition to the department of New Technologies, the Empresate (Business Practices), Head of Studies (Higher Level Education Cycles), and Quality departments.

Are there projects shared between departments?

Yes, in fact the #MisiónCognitio has been proof of this where teachers, students, and the Head of Studies and Empresate departments have all worked in the same environment.

What do you use Workep for?

We have used it as an Agile tool to carry out the activities of the #MisiónCognitio which fall under the umbrella of the EUSA Training Day.

Why did you choose Workep as your project management solution?

On campus we have been using Google for Education for almost three years, and for this event we were looking for a tool that would allow us to work in a more Agile and dynamic way with the entire G-Suite. That’s how we found Workep.

What tools did you use before?

Those of G-Suite (Gmail, Drive, Documents, etc.)

How much has your productivity improved thanks to Workep?

Basically, it has become a key piece to be able to carry out the whole event, allowing the collaborative work to be organized between the different organizing groups.

What benefits has Workep brought with respect to other tools?

Being totally integrated with G-Suite, Workep has made our work much easier and more intuitive. We did not have to go crazy trying to find a document or spreadsheet assigned to a task. In addition, the friendly interface has allowed students with little professional experience to be able to integrate it as a tool for daily work.

What project management methodology do you use?

A combination between Kanban and Scrum; always Agile and flexible to the various situations that we have encountered along the way.

How has a specific project benefited from the use of Workep?

The #MisiónCognitio event was made possible for all the above reasons. In addition, I would like to highlight the support received from both Eduardo Álvarez (CEO) and Christian Martínez (Sales) who have facilitated the use and adaptation of this powerful tool in our institution.

Do you have any anecdotes about using Workep?

The training sessions for students to teach them how to use Workep lasted only 20 minutes! They caught on very quickly and were able to adopt the tool right away.

“It has been a great discovery for our students and teachers to apply this tool in our work environments. Highly recommended for its simplicity, agility, and integration with G-Suite.” – Javier Prada

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