There are so many different kinds of management software platforms available to choose from that it can be hard to decide which tool is best for you to boost your team’s productivity and get things done. Project management, team management, work management, time management, and the list goes on. We want to help you make the decision easier by comparing Workep’s project management software platform with some of the other options out there. Let’s get started by taking a look at Workep vs. Monday.

What Is Workep?

Workep is the project management software platform that fully integrates with G Suite to centralize all your teams, projects, tasks, and files in one place. Workep offers a variety of project management methodologies for you to choose from when you create a new project board such as a Kanban board, a Gantt chart, and a list view. It also has powerful in-app features like the time tracker, budget tracker, and voice notes.

With Workep’s project management software, you can create unlimited projects and multiple teams, assign team and project roles, track time, and more. The seamless integration with G Suite means that you can quickly access and upload files from Google Drive (or create Docs from tasks), create a task with the content of an email from Gmail, sync with Calendar, start Hangouts, and add Contacts to tasks for quick access and reminders. You can also externally collaborate with anyone, meaning you can share your projects and tasks with people outside of your organization and they don’t even need to have Workep accounts.

Getting started with Workep is so easy; all you have to do is sign up with your Google account for free, and you’ll be up and running in minutes! Since it feels just like any other part of G Suite, it’s very intuitive to use, and you won’t need any training to be on your way. However, if you do have any questions, Workep customer support is always available to help.

What Is Monday and How Is It Different?

Monday is a management software platform that can be used for project management, among other use cases such as sales management, inventory tracking, lead tracking, and many more. In other words, it is a management tool with a lot of different applications, but it is not 100% dedicated to project management like Workep is.

Like Workep, Monday can be used to centralize your team in one place and keep track of various tasks and deadlines. You can also choose from different workflow templates and customize your dashboards and views to suit your management needs. Unlike Workep, Monday is not natively integrated with G Suite, although you can integrate it individually with Gmail, Drive, and Calendar by following a step-by-step process to complete the setup for each one.

Key Features of Workep Compared to Monday

Unlimited Projects  ✅  ✅
Team & Project Roles  ✅ 
Workflow Templates  ✅  ✅
Kanban Board  ✅  ✅
Gantt Chart  ✅ 
Time Tracker  ✅  ✅
Integrations  ✅  ✅
Native G Suite Integration  ✅ 
Email & Phone Support  ✅  ✅
Free Version  ✅ 
External Collaboration  ✅ 
Premium Version Starting Price      $4.99/mo      $29/mo

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Key Differences Between Workep and Monday


Workep is 100% dedicated to project management, so it’s easy to choose the project management workflow that is best for you and get started right away. With Monday, since it is more of a general management software with a lot of different applications, you will need to do a lot more customizing to get it to function strictly as project management software. Workep’s UI is just like Google’s, so you’ll feel right at home as if you were just using another G Suite app.

Integration with G Suite

Workep’s seamless integration with G Suite makes it super easy to adopt within your teams and organization. Since it feels just like a part of Google, your team members will be able to get onboard quickly, without the need to be technically savvy or project managers. No matter what tasks your team members have, Workep will centralize them all in one place and facilitate communication and collaboration between teams to get more done. Although Monday does integrate with G Suite’s Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, you have to follow a step-by-step setup process for each one individually to complete the integration, so it isn’t as natural and intuitive as with Workep.

Gantt Chart

With Workep’s automated Gantt chart project view, you can not only see a project laid out against a timeline, but also see dependencies, identify bottlenecks, and understand the complete workflow of a project underway. On Monday, you can select a timeline view for a project, however it is just a way to visually represent the dates of tasks and does not provide all the advantages of Workep’s automated Gantt chart.

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