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We are so excited to announce our new Workep version. We’ve heard you, and by mixing your feedback with our extraordinary ideas we’ve come up with a new Gantt, a workfeed, a user profile and a new look and feel, that will help you become the best project manager!

So, why is this new version so exciting? Let’s take a look:


We know you love the Gantt. Is the best way to visualize your project and measure its progress in real time. That’s why we focused most of our efforts in improving this feature. What will you find in the new Gantt?

  • Visualization: you can pick from 2 different options. In the timeline view you’ll see the schedule and the tasks shown as bars with the name on them. You can display the subtasks and visualize dependencies. This view is ideal for planning complex projects.

    On the other hand, you have the left menu option where you’ll see the tasks at the left side with its corresponding information in front.

    This view is ideal during the project planning phase and process because it allows you to instantly create tasks, assign dates (by simply dragging and dropping the bars to their corresponding dates), and allocate resources.
  • Disable weekends: you need time off, right? And this can not interfere with your project. With this new option you can disable weekends and take a look at the project’s progress just taking into account the working days.
  • Zoom out: if you have a long project, you’ll love this new option. You can zoom out the project either quarterly or yearly to have a broader look and measure the progress vs the actual plan.
  • Dependencies: you can now work with 4 different types of dependencies: start-to-start, finish-to-start, finish-to-finish and start-to-finish. This will allow you to make connections between tasks and control the overall progress of these tasks across the project schedule.
  • Progress bar: you can now see a progress bar at the top of the gantt. This bar shows how much of the project is done, depending on 2 variables: by task completion or by the project’s completion dates. Additionally, you can see the progress for each section.
  •  Comment on a specific day: you can now add comments to a specific day so you can bookmark something important that can have an impact on the project, like a holiday for example.


Since you don’t want to mix your personal life with your work projects, we created the workfeed: a place where you can plan your whole day. In this new workfeed you can create tasks without assigning them to any project.You’ll find 6 sections:

  • Tasks for Today
  • Tasks for Tomorrow
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Expired tasks
  • Calendar with today’s appointments and meetings
  • Livestream of your activities

You can also choose to see your tasks for this specific team, or the tasks for your other teams.


On the user profile section you’ll see your active projects, your recent activity and which teams you’re a part of. If you jump to the Tasks tab you’ll have access to a series of graphs that will give you an indicator of your productivity.

How so?

  • You’ll see the percentage of completed, uncompleted, archived and expired tasks. Lots of expired tasks? Check your project so you don’t fall behind!
  • You’ll see the number of tasks you have for today, for tomorrow and for the next days. 25 tasks for today? Rearrange your project so you don’t miss deadlines.
  • You’ll see how many tasks you have per project. Make sure you’re investing your time in the most important projects.

On the last tab you’ll be able to enable and disable notifications both to your desktop and e-mail. You can also activate and deactivate your general notifications (team invitations and weekly reports), and manage your notifications per projects. Choose what you want to informed of and where.

This feature, and the new look and feel of the platform, will help you manage your projects in a more organized and rapid way. Not only does it looks better, it will make your team unstoppable.

What do you think of this new version? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re reading this and haven’t used Workep before, it’s your time to try it out!

Workep & Colombia are taking part of Disrupt San Francisco 2018!

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