Many of the trends that we saw this year in project management were not exactly new but more prominent than the others while others were still in the budding stage. The trend that we saw at the beginning of this year and still are, indicate that things are changing and will continue to change in the near future.

Let’s have a look at how the management trends have expanded and evolved. Project management is no longer restricted to IT only, the entire business world is going through a phase of transformation because of this.


The project management often faces some hurdles in terms of professionalism regarding job completion and projects which are adapting to the ever-changing environment. Professionalism is extremely important to get the job done as a project is not only big but involves numerous functions, processes, and operations. It is necessary for the project managers to exhibit professionalism to they are able to form a distinct occupational group.

With the help of an efficient project management software, you can get a professional framework to do things. Professionalism not only increases future standards but builds trust in a business relationship as well.

Focusing on Soft Skills:

Soft skills are extremely important. They are the drivers that help us move towards the top of the career ladder. The right kind of soft skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration gives you, the manager a competitive edge. Having the right set of soft skills also help in determining whether you will be able to fit into the company culture.

As the demand for project management grows, the demand for these skills is going to increase as well as it is extremely important for a project manager to have these skills.

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Emotional Intelligence:

Just like professional knowledge, information about carrying out certain processes, it is equally important for a project manager to have emotional intelligence. It is going to be an influential trend in the coming years in the project management industry. A manager’s emotional intelligence allows him to resolve issues, support the team and ensure the success of the project by being considerate of the team members.

Hybrid Methodologies – Rise of Agile:

One-size-fits-all methodologies have become obsolete now. Traditional waterfall methodology is being adjusted and adapted according to one’s needs and now Agile is the new approach. Agile project methodologies, project managers can achieve their goals and project fast delivery and status.

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Kanban Boards:

Kanban is a Japanese word that means a billboard. Kanban methodology began with the Toyota Company in order to boost the manufacturing operations. But with the passage of time, it is being integrated into structured project management processes. This methodology uses a scheduling technique that utilizes a visual board that comprises a grid and Kanban cards for workflow management. It is mostly used in Agile and works smoothly with Scrum and lean management. It is a good sign that Kanban use is becoming popular as visionary project managers embrace innovation and creative tools to manage their projects.

The Internet of Things:

It is one of the greatest trends to be going on and it is here to stay. IoT impacts all aspects of the business and would drive bigger opportunities bringing a positive change in project management. IoT is going to be embedded in the project management role along with the project management software. It allows an increase in the timelines, boosts security, team collaboration, and remote controlling.

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Social Responsibility:

Over time, social responsibility is becoming an integral part of project management and as a result, will bring better accountability. People are always willing to work with people who are trustworthy and carry out their responsibilities in a socially accepted manner. Along with that, they are accountable too.

Project managers can bring a change in their companies by becoming socially responsible. They can do so by starting at a basic level and improve the workplace regulations, rights of employees, and environmental protections.

Remote Workforce:

A large number of companies, all over the world are adapting to a remote workforce. Workers too want to have a job with flexible hours and do want to sit for hours straight at a desk. More companies are embracing remote workforce and this trend is expected to grow. Organizations are investing in deep-integration technology and will continue in order to better communications over numerous channels.

Along with that, remote teams are cheaper and more productive when they are managed effectively while using the right tools for communication and work processes.


In the near future, we will witness a massive change in the collaboration area of project management. Change management will have to be adopted by the project manager. Hierarchies are going to change, and thus it is going to change the question of who works with whom. Collaboration at the workplace is necessary for success. With bigger teams and the remote teams too, project managers need efficient and effective collaboration. Collaboration holds utmost importance in project teams.


As more projects are adopting an online nature and management processes going online, the concerns of security are increasing as well. Without the right cybersecurity measures in place, valuable data can be at stake. With data breaches becoming common, it is important that the right steps are taken to boost security in project management. By following a holistic approach to data governance, businesses are ensuring that data remains safe and secure according to the global user privacy requirements.


With every year come forth new trends in the industry. The trends of project management might be changing but the goal remains the same. Budget and time are always going to be the most important. It is essential that project managers invest in the right tools and software for an assured success of the project. Along with that, hire trained and experienced professionals who bring worth to the effort and the project. With a goal-oriented approach and the skill to adapt to changes, there is no stopping you from doing and being the best.

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