• Seamless G-Suite integration
  • Friendly user experience
  • It’s focused on task management and not complex project management
  • It has a free plan
  • The premium plans are super affordable 

Many of you are looking for options to manage your projects. There’s plenty of fish in that sea. So why you should use Workep instead of other major players such as Trello, Asana and Wrike?

Here are the five main reasons why Workep is just for you:


If you are already using G-Suite you know why it is so good: it provides you with a complete and powerful suite of tools to keep your business moving forward for a very low price. For instance, you can create text documents with Google Docs, spreadsheets with Google SpreadSheets or presentations with Google Slides. You can start a meeting with Hangouts or you can create forms with Google Forms. All these applications are perfect for collaborative work because they are easily accessible via internet. They’re cloud-based, technically speaking, and easy-to-use.

Well, Workep was designed to unlock the power of G-Suite to make your projects simpler. And it integrates with the other tools of the G-Suite family as no other PM platform does. No technical work from the user is needed to implement integrations because we do all that for you.

When you create a task, it synchronizes seamlessly with your Google Calendar. When you create a project, a Google Drive folder is created automatically. If you want to create a Google Doc directly in a task, you can do it with just one click.

Check the main features of Workep:

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Workep aims to provide a friendly experience. All the interface is designed to facilitate the processes and to make project management fun. The UI is inspired in Material Design, the design concept provided by Google. We want to help you to centralize your work and become an unstoppable team thanks to Workep and, for that, a friendly software is essential.


Take that in mind. We focus on task management instead of complex project management. All our tools are designed to simplify your work. In Workep, you’ll find automatically generated reports, an automated Gantt chart, project templates (a way to save and reuse the structure of any project), and a time tracker, amongst other useful and powerful tools. At least 70 % of our users love Workep because it’s very easy to use, and we’re planning to keep working to make all the functions friendlier and more powerful.


Do you want to try Workep? You don’t have to pay. We offer you a free plan that will give the opportunity to put our G-Suite integrations to test, as well as many of our features. It gives you access to up to 1 team with 10 members, and the opportunity to create unlimited projects, tasks, and sections. If you want to try the Premium plans you can request a free trial that lasts up to 15 days.


If you want the Premium plans of competitors such as Asana or Trello, you got to pay, at least 9.99 dollars per user monthly. Well, in Workep we offer you the Growth plan for just 4.99 dollars per user monthly. It’s, currently, the most affordable premium plan available in the industry and we are planning to keep it that way while introducing more and more stunning features to make your team more productive. What would you get with your Premium plan? A very flexible and intuitive Gantt chart, to begin with!

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Conclusion:  Workep is your best option if your are looking for a project management platform which is integrated with G-Suite, easy to use, affordable and focused on tasks management.

News: Workep & Colombia are taking part of Disrupt SF 2018!

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