For marketing and creative agencies, collaboration is key. Advertising campaigns, brand design work, public relations activities, and other strategic marketing projects all require you to collaborate with team members inside your organization, as well as external collaborators and clients outside your organization. With so many moving pieces, it can be hard to keep track of all your project information. That’s where Workep comes to the rescue! Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Workep as your marketing project management solution.

What Makes Workep the Best Project Management Tool for Marketing?

  1. Extremely Easy-to-Use
  2. Powerful In-App Features
  3. G Suite Integration
  4. External Collaboration
  5. Centralizes Project Information

Extremely Easy-to-Use UI for Easy Adoption

Workep’s UI is just like that of Google’s, so for teams that already use G Suite for business, adopting Workep across your whole team is a breeze! It’s easy to use and intuitive, so you can get everyone on board and using it in an incredibly short amount of time. You can customize project views and stick with something you know, like the to-do list, or try out new methodologies you may not have used before, like the Gantt chart or kanban board, to find what works best for your team’s workflows.

In-App Features to Help with Invoicing and Stay Within Budget

When you work in a marketing or creative agency, it’s inevitable that every project has a not-so-creative phase called invoicing. When a project enters the billing phase, it’s important that you have everything in order so you can break down project costs and invoice your clients correctly.

Workep has some in-app features that can help you with that! You can assign an hourly value to each team member, then activate the budget and time trackers on each task to keep track of exactly how much time and budget you are spending per task — no more guesswork!

Integrations with Apps You Already Use

Workep’s integration with G Suite means that it automatically syncs with each G Suite application including Drive, Docs, Calendar, and Gmail. That means you can easily and quickly attach relevant files from your Drive to a task, and even create new Google Docs directly from a task to your Drive. You’ll know exactly where everything is and be able to access your files from within Workep with just one click. Each of your projects has it’s own calendar in Workep, which are automatically synced with your Google calendar, so you have all your dates and deadlines in one place.

Besides the G Suite integration, Workep has integrations with other popular collaboration tools. If you use Slack for your organization’s go-to chat, then connect Workep with selected Slack channels to send and receive updates about your projects and task — so you’ll receive important updates about what’s relevant to you in real time and never miss a thing.

External Collaboration with Anyone Outside Your Organization

Marketing and creative work involves a lot of different people. From internal team members or external vendors providing different expertise and services, to clients and stakeholders who need to stay informed on a project’s progress and make requests or ask questions, there are a lot of people who need to know what’s going on at all stages of a project.

That’s why Workep makes it simple to not only collaborate with those inside your organization, but to share any relevant project information with anyone outside your organization just as easily. With just a click, you can invite external collaborators to view, edit, or comment on your tasks — they don’t even need to sign up for Workep. You can also share an entire project in the Gantt chart view, so you can give anyone a general overview of the project’s progress and timeline.

Centralizes All Your Project Info in One Place

All of the above-mentioned features come together to centralize your marketing and creative projects in one location, so you don’t waste time searching for information or duplicating work. Everyone on your team will be able to see only what’s relevant to them, so they can be more productive and manage time better. Workep is here to help you plan and organize all your strategic marketing projects more efficiently.

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