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5. Tide

Tide makes for a nice change of pace by combining Pomodoro-style timers with ambient noise generators intended either to help you focus or relax your mind.

4. Slack

Slack covers your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices. It also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. In addition, the app features a system of chat channels, allowing you to quickly set up subgroups for task or topic-oriented discussions.

3. Edison Email

It supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and more. Edison Mail gives you access to a unified inbox, and it allows you to unsubscribe from junk mail and manage your subscriptions in a better way. It’s the best if you have several email accounts to manage.

2. Awesome Table

Imagine you have an ugly and boring Google Sheets table with your client’s database in it. Wouldn’t you like to to visualize the data in a more appealing way? With Awesome Table, you can create different templates to show the data in a better format, such as cards, directories or even amazing Gantt charts. Give it a try, it’s free.

1. Workep

If you are looking for a flexible, fast and powerful project management platform that integrates G-Suite, Workep is one of the best options available. You will love its interface. It’s clean and intuitive.

It resembles the simplicity of any other Google App. One of its main features is its amazing Gantt Chart. You won’t find a better and more customizable Gantt Chart in any other similar platform. It allows you to: move tasks, increase or decrease their size, create dependencies and export data automatically into a Google Spreadsheet. The free version supports up to 10 users and the Premium version costs from 4,99 dollars to 9,99 dollars per user per month.

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