Hi, welcome to Workep! You being here indicates that you’re interested in getting things done, being more efficient, and boosting productivity. In that case, this is the right place to be. You can start by trying our 15 day free trial! Let us explain to you why our premium features are worth trying, and these couple of weeks can be a game changer for your path to success.

1. Give yourself a new chance to get things done!

As the name indicates, the free trial is a period of time that allows you to experience all the features of the Growth Plan. Although It’s mandatory to provide a credit card to get the free trial, no charges will be made unless you decide to pay for the premium plan. There is no hassle for you to sign up, simply type in your email address, tell us about what you need, and you’re up and running! No complex configurations, no lengthy downloads, no 3rd party add-ons. And if you are using G-Suite, you’ll love how seamless the integration is! In summary: try it, it’s worth it, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to try one of the best Gantt charts in the industry (amongst other amazing features).

2. You’ll get to know the Premium features of Workep

The Gantt Chart

As many as 70% of our users choose Workep premium for one reason: the Gantt chart. If you’re part of a team dealing with a complex project with many variables to measure, you should try the Gantt chart view. The Gantt chart provides the baseline necessary to monitor, schedule, and control many variables at the same time.  

Our Gantt chart is user-friendly (more than any other Gantt chart in the industry!) and allows you to create dependencies with just one click. This stunning Gantt chart comes with a feature that will make your jaw drop: a system that creates automatic reports in seconds and exports them into a Google Spreadsheet. Is there a better way to measure your progress?

The Time Tracker

The Time Tracker is a tool you’ll find in each task. Estimate with precision your next sprint by tracking the time each task takes. Log billable and non-billable hours for every task completed. Once you click on the time tracker, it will record the exact time you and your teammates are taking to complete the due tasks. There’s no better way to know where to improve than having this precise data at hand.

The Roles

Another of the exclusive features of Workep premium is the ability to assign roles. You’ll find 3 roles (viewer, member, and admin) with different permissions. Let everyone do what they need to do while you keep everything under your control. These are the abilities of the 3 roles available:

  • Viewer: the user can only see and comment on tasks.
  • Member: can edit and modify the tasks in the project.
  • Admin: can edit any part of the project, export, and change the name and general settings.

The Templates

Another cool feature you get with Workep premium is the ability to turn every project into a template that you can reuse for future projects. Not only can you replicate the project’s general structure, but you can also save files and estimated timelines as well, saving you hours of duplicate work!

Since almost every aspect of work can be broken down into a series of tasks, the limits to the types of project templates that you can create are endless putting you in the driver seat to maximize the power of Workep

3. You’ll have priority support

If you take the free trial, you’ll have priority support during the 15 days (and as long as you stay as a premium plan member, of course). That means our account executives will be there to take care of you, answer your questions, and help you with everything you need to get the most out of the platform.

You will even have a dedicated support rep that you can reach out to at any time to answer questions, provide training, or advise you on best practices. In short, our support team’s number one priority is to ensure you have an amazing experience with our platform!

In Conclusion

So there you have it! 3 great reasons to try Workep premium: No obligation, exclusive access to try our time saving and productivity tools, and all the support you need; when you need it! So what are you waiting for? Go and activate your free trial today! 

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