What better option to show the best features of Workep than showing you our best features using animated gifs! You will fall in love of Workep if you haven’t already.

1. Tasks synchronize with Google Calendar (automatically!)

2. You can organize your projects in 3 different ways: kanban, lists or Gantt

3. Every project has its own Google Drive’s folder (created automatically!)

4. You can share amazing content with your team in the Project Wall

5. You can track the time you’re taking to complete every task

6. You can use templates to reuse the projects’ structure whenever you want

7. You can create new Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Slides with one click

8. You can generate automatic reports in the Gantt chart

9. The Gantt chart allows you to create dependencies easily

10. You can search tasks, projects and files with the search bar

Conclusion: Workep is your best option! These are just some of our epic features to make your projects simple!

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